Ceramic facets – high quality alternative to many restorative dental procedures

Aesthetic treatment of anterior teeth has always been a challenge in clinical practice. Ceramic facets in aesthetic dentistry are a top and quality alternative to many restorative procedures, which require more extensive removal of tooth tissue.

Unlike crowns, which cover the entire tooth, facets cover only the front (visible) part of the tooth. They allow the tooth substance to be preserved and make smile more beautiful with minimal grinding or even without grinding at all. The most common indications for making ceramic facets are changes in the color, shape, size or position of the teeth.

Color change is a common reason for the use of ceramic facets, in cases where the teeth are resistant to bleaching, and in tetracycline stains of the teeth. Ceramic facets are an ideal choice, for people in whom the expected aesthetic results cannot be achieved by direct composite restorations.

Indications that can be solved by making ceramic facets are: diastema between teeth, abfraction, tooth rotation, enamel fractures. The material for making ceramic facets is zirconium metal-free ceramics and lithium disilicate ceramics (e.max).

Ceramic facets are certainly the best solution to improve the aesthetics of a smile with minimal removal of tooth tissue.


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